Current Status  

Career-Long Learning Continuum


Block Learning (2017 - 2022)

Current accession-level training is redistributed over first sea/shore tour.


Enhanced, Accessible Learning (2018 - 2025)

The learning continuum is expanded to include intermediate and expert, plus multiple paths. 

Modernized, On-Demand, Fleet-Responsive Learning (2020 and Beyond)

Non-technical training is added to the continuum, and the Sailor's control is increased.


Block Learning

Current Status  

Block learning is the first step towards completing a larger training initiative known as Ready, Relevant Learning (RRL). Block learning revises current accession level initial training paths into blocks, which are redistributed over a Sailor's career.

The new process requires the return of fleet Sailors to receive additional training approximately 24 months after reporting to operational units, in order to complete required training modules and/or earn progressive Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs).  

Training is delivered at specific timeframes in a Sailor's career, and is referred to as 'blocks.' The definition of blocks is described below.


Block 0

Refers to all training occuring prior to report to a first command.


- Recruit Training Command (RTC)

- Life skills (LS)

- Accession path, such as "A" or "C" schools


Block 1

Refers to formalized rate training that occurs during the first tour assignment with delivery targeted at 24 months after reporting aboard a Sailor's first command.

* Block 1 training may be offered as early as 12 months after reporting to first command for high performers or when unit deployment schedules are a consideration.

Block 1.X

If required, additional block training would occur at other times during the first sea tour and be referred to as Block 1.2, 1.3, and so forth. 

Block 2

Refers to formalized rate training that occurs immediately prior to, or during, a second tour assignment.


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