Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Sailor 2025 initiative?

The Sailor 2025 initiative is the U.S. Navy's program to improve and modernize personnel management and training systems to effectively recruit, develop, manage, and retain the fleet of tomorrow.

The initiative is comprised of the following three pillars:

     a. Modernized personnel system

     b. Enriched culture

     c. Ready Relevant Learning (RRL)

2. What is Ready Relevant Learning (RRL)?

The goal of the RRL pillar of Sailor 2025 is to transform the current legacy training architecture into an agile continuum of learning that supports the evolving needs of our current and future Sailors as well as an increasingly complex fleet. RRL ensures training opportunities are delivered at the point of need, when and where a Sailor is ready to learn. RRL addresses the professional development of Sailors in ways that uses today's technology that Sailors want and need.

3. How will RRL impact that training currently received by Sailors?

The preservation of current approaches to Sailor training will continue where it is effective and efficient. However, we'll also drive to significantly modernize our approach to Sailor development that is deeply rooted in the science of learning. This evolution will include the development of a training ecosystem that increases the readiness of Sailors to perform at the highest levels of proficiency in their current role while also helping them to prepare for future roles and assignments.

4. At what point in the Sailors' career path will the RRL program be implemented?

Today, Sailors receive the majority of their rate and technical skill training during prior to their first fleet unit assignment. RRL seeks to change this approach. Under RRL, Sailors will only receive training that is appropriate for the jobs and duties they will perform in the first two years of their first tour. Follow-on training will be provided at later points in their career when they will be expected to apply new knowledge and skills. 

5. What is modernized delivery?

RRL will align training to the specific point of need for Sailors in the fleet. This will be accomplished by identifying the specific time when a Sailor will be expected to demonstrate proficiency of a specific knowledge or skill set. The associated training will be scheduled and delivered prior to the point of need, but, not so far in advance that the knowledge or skills had time to atrophy. These solutions will leverage emerging technologies to make training more efficient by modularizing the training for delivery to the specific knowledge or skill when it is needed, thereby optimizing any future training requirements dependent upon traditional brick-and-mortal schoolhouse delivery.

6. What is the long term goal of RRL?

In a rapidly changing world, our approach to training development and delivery must be agile enough to adapt to the shifting needs of the fleet, while integrating new technologies whenever possible to accelerate learning. This requires shifting away from the current approach to training development. When done properly, this will decrease the time it takes to get the most relevant training to the fleet and maintain the commitment to continually improve the warfighting capabilities of all Sailors.