Weapon Danger Zone (WDZ)

A Weapon Danger Zone (WDZ) encompasses the ground and airspace for lateral and vertical containment of weapons, munitions, projectiles, fragments, components and debris resulting from the firing, launching, and/or detonation of aviation-delivered ordnance.

This three-dimensional zone accounts for weapon accuracy, failures, ricochets, and broaches/porpoising of a specific weapon/munition delivered by each specific aircraft type.

WDZs represent the minimum safety area requirements designed for aviation weapons training on Department of Defense (DoD) air-to-ground training ranges. 


The WDZ footprint represents a specific area drawn about a target based on weapon containment. Containment is defined as all weapon-related impacts, including ricochets, occurring within the WDZ. 

The WDZ tool provides the user with a selectable containment option depending on each military services’ range policy:

99.99% = 1:10,000
99.999% = 1:100,000
99.9999% = 1:1,000,000​

Risk Analysis

The WDZ Tool also calculates the amount of "Risk of Impact" when there is a need to place “mission essential personnel,” structures, or equipment within the confines of a WDZ.

The WDZ Tool compares the weapon impact Probability Density Function (PDF) in the database and returns a weighted average or risk value, assigning a risk probability based on a specific position within the selected WDZ.