A military range is defined in the Title 10 U.S. Code as a designated land or water area that is set aside, managed and used for a range of activities of the Department of Defense (DoD). 

Range activities mean research, development, testing, and evaluation of military munitions, other ordnance and weapon systems, and the training of members of the armed forces in the use and handling of military munitions, other ordnance, and weapons systems.

Maintaining operational readiness of naval aviation units requires that aircrews use and train with future and current aviation weapon systems to increase proficiency and certify in advanced tactical skills prior to deployment. One of the primary missions for naval aviation units is the air-to-ground attack (or strike) mission, which requires robust air-to-ground training ranges. 

As range users and operators, naval forces' main concerns include our neighbors' health, safety and welfare, as well as, overall range safety while being able to continue our critical training missions.

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