​Energy Conservation Measures 

Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) is an operational procedure or material configuration change undertaken for the specific purpose of increasing platform energy efficiency. 

The Department of the Navy (DoN) is pursuing science and technology investments with an eye toward saving energy to improve operational efficiency.

Examples of operational procedures include:
  • ​Surface ships utilizing trail shaf mode, with one engine propelling the ship at low speed on one shaft. The other shaft (trailing) has the propeller pitch set to minimize drag. This configuration is much more efficient at slower speeds compared to having two engines online and idling.
  • Air wings using Short-cycle Mission and Recovery Tanking (SMART) provide a more efficient use of resources, conserving fuel that can be used for training.
  • Seabees use GPS-assisted construction equipment. For example, shaping the terrain via grade control is done using a GPS-assisted bulldozer blade control system, rather than traditional stakes. Tests have shown that the GPS assist system reduced total task completion time by as much as 50 percent and fuel consumption by 40 percent.