About Fleet Installations and Environmental Readiness

Together, the 900,000 Sailors and civilians in the U.S. Department of the Navy form the world's most formidable naval force capable of maritime defense, major combat operations, and disaster relief. To maintain military readiness, we must train the way we fight. 

The Navy conducts routine training, research and development, and testing on aircraft, vessels, and sophisticated systems  such as weapons, senors and related equipment –​ to ensure assets are ready when duty calls. These activities are known as military readiness activities and must be as realistic, rigorous, and comprehensive as possible in order to develop and sharpen the skills that our Sailors need to prevail in combat and other real-world situations. These skills are specialized, highly perishable, and demand frequent practice.

In conducting routine military readiness activities at-sea and on land ranges, the Navy must still comply with environmental laws while maintaining ready, trained operational forces. The Navy's environmental initiatives at U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFFC) are served by the Fleet Installations and Environmental Readiness Division (N46). N46 develops and executes policy and procedures, and manages USFFC environmental planning and compliance programs in support of the fleet. These programs address range sustainment, home basing/homeporting, at-sea compliance, energy initiatives and encroachment response in support of current and future fleet readiness, all while striving to ensure the Navy lives up to its title of 'Stewards of the Sea.'