The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) establishes the broad national framework for protecting our environment.

NEPA's basic policy is to assure that all branches of government give proper consideration to the environment prior to undertaking any major federal action that significantly affects the environment.

NEPA requirements are invoked when airports, buildings, military complexes, highways, parkland purchases, and other federal activities are proposed.

Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), which are assessments of the likelihood of impacts from alternative courses of action, are required from all Federal agencies and are the most visible NEPA requirements.

Arctic Projects East Coast Projects​​ West Coast Projects
Ice Exercise EA/OEA​ Small Unit Inland Training Environmental Assessment (EA)​​​ ​​Naval Air Station Whidbey Island EIS​​

C-2A Transition to CMV-22B (Navy V-22 Osprey)​​​​​​​

Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing (AFTT) EIS/OEIS

Final EA for East Coast Home Basing of MQ-4C Triton Unmanned Aircraft System​