U.S. Fleet Forces (USFF) Command articulates integrated, authoritative fleet warfighting, readiness, and personnel capability requirements, coordinated with other Navy component commands (NCCs), to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and develop transformational concepts for maritime operations. USFF tasks are as follows:

  • Coordinate integration of USFF, Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT), Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe/U.S. Naval Forces Africa (COMUSNAVUER/COMUSNAVAF), Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (COMUSNAVCENT), Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command (COMUSNAVSO)​ warfighting, operational readiness, personnel capability requirements to the CNO in support of the Navy's planning, programming, budgeting, and execution process. 
  • Evaluate, assess and provide recommendations to the CNO on sponsor program proposals to ensure fleet operational wholeness is maintained in order to sustain combat-ready forces and support mission execution.
  • Identify and recommend mitigation for capability overmatches, gaps, and seams in support of combatant commanders (CCDRs) through participation in joint and service capability requirement processes.
  • As the executive agent for seabasing, integrate and coordinate the execution of seabasing efforts across the fleet, and provide policy, objectives, and program inputs to the CNO.
  • Initiate and enable fleet transformation through operational concept development and experimentation and the promotion of science and technology integration to address fleet capability gaps. Direct near-term fleet capabilities enhancements, readiness process improvements and human development.
  • Integrate and consolidate all matters concerning operations, readiness, and training in the development of current and future shore infrastructure requirements. 


USFF generates Navy forces ready to execute service missions in support of the CNO and operation missions by CCDRs in response to force requirements. USFF tasks are as follows:

  • Train and certify subordinate Navy forces to safely and effectively conduct maritime, joint, and combined task for operations in support of CCDR requirements. 
  • In collaboration with COMPACFLT, organize, supply, train, equip, administer and maintain Navy forces, develop and submit budgets as a budget submitting office (BSO) and execute readiness and personnel accounts to generate required levels of current and future fleet readiness.
  • In consultation with COMPACFLT, be the unified voice for fleet training requirements and polciies to generate combat ready forces per the Optimized Fleet Response Plan (OFRP). 
  • In coordination with COMPACFLT integrate readiness planning, reporting, risk management, and execution; clarify accountability for force-wide efficient use of resources; promote enhanced coordination and collaboration among stakeholders in mission effectiveness; and streamline decision-making.
  • Develop fleet manpower, personnel, and individual training and education policies, requirements, processes, programs, and alignments affecting active, reserve, and civilian personnel in support of operational readiness. 
  • Develop fleet maintenance, logistics, and infrastructure policies, requirements, policies, programs, and alignments in support of operational readiness. 
  • Develop fleet training policies, requirements, processes, programs, and alignments in support of operational readiness. 
  • Align readiness reporting processes and systems to provide a capabilities-based readiness reporting system based upon mission essential tasks and a means to manage and report readiness of the force per the National Defense Strategy.
  • Integrate readiness resource metrics for personnel, equipment, supply, training, and ordnance to provide a comprehensive means of assessing capabilities-based operations. 
  • Develop and execute environmental programs to support fleet warfighting, basing, and training in support of operational readiness. 
  • Execute the Optimized Fleet Response Plan (OFRP). 
  • Act as an executive agent on behalf of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) for development and implementation of the Defense Readiness Reporting System - Navy (DRRS-N).