About Meet the Fleet

Now in its 5th year of execution, Meet the Fleet is a 2-day, interactive event designed to bring U.S. congressional members and staff to the waterfront. This immersive experience will provide:
  • Direct exposure to Navy operational and readiness units
  • Personal interaction with the Sailors and civilians who comprise the foundation of our fleet
  • Sailor perspective on fleet issues with congressional interest
Lunch aboard USS Kearsarge


The program is open to all congressional members, their staff(s), and committee professional staff members in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. You will visit various Navy commands in the Hampton Roads region of Southeast Virginia. During the visit you will engage directly with Sailors over lunch on the mess decks and interact with senior Navy leadership during a tour of the operations center followed by a reception at the 4-star led U.S. Fleet Forces Command in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Notional Program

Participation in interactive activities will provide a deeper understanding of how the Navy generates a ready fleet and the capabilities the fleet brings to the fight. You can experience the life of a Sailor by:
  • Immersing yourself in the challenging routine aboard an aircraft carrier
  • Operate flight and submarine simulators in order to hone skills and train for deployment
  • Imagine life submerged beneath the oceans as you walk through the narrow confines of a submarine
  • Experience a helicopter orientation flight over major naval bases
Meet the Fleet Participation Requests

The next Meet the Fleet event will be held from Aug. 21-22, 2019.