Official USFF Command Logo

U.S. Fleet Forces Command Logo

The name of the command, boldly fashioned on the periphery, reflects its commitment to our nation and to providing the warfighting fleet commanders with forces ready to conduct sustained combat operations in the far corners of the Earth.

The world, encircled in Navy's blue and gold fighting colors, signifies the global nature of the command's mission as the Nation's primary naval force provider, the fleet's voice in the Navy requirements process, and the Navy-wide focal point for fleet readiness in support of the combatant commanders and their naval component commanders.

The bald eagle represents the fleet, ever vigilant, able to dominate its environment and, when necessary, be decisively lethal. The four arrows, clutched securely within the eagle's talons, represent the fleet's striking power and its ability to provide credible combat power anywhere in the world's four oceans. The four stars represent the authority of the commander and are silver in color to indicate the joint nature of the command's mission and the joint warfighting capability of the fleet.

The fouled anchor is symbolic of naval heritage and of the strong bond between the past, present, and future generations of Navy leaders. It also recognizes that the combat readiness of the fleet is anchored in a shore infrastructure that is well organized, manned by professionals, and efficient in execution.

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