​Commander's Intent

To achieve its vision, U.S. Fleet Forces Command will continue to organize and align through five lines of effort (LOE) and an integrated battle rhythm, working with U.S. Pacific Fleet and Marine Corps Forces Command to meet naval component and combatant commander requirements.

The five LOEs are:

Force Development – the process of integrating material and non-material elements to produce platforms, systems and Sailors for entry into the Force Generation phase of the readiness cycle.

Force Generation –​ the process of maintaining, training and certifying naval forces.

Force Employment – combat ready naval forces deploying forward to combatant commanders and forward fleets in support of U.S. national interests.

Safety and Security – our warfighting culture must embrace safety​ for our Sailors and security for our personnel, information, platforms and infrastructure.

Sailors, Civilians and Family – those who willingly commit to defend the U.S. Constitution and the country whose course it directs.