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Our primary mission is to train, deploy, and support combat ready TACRON detachments providing centralized planning, control, coordination, and integration of amphibious and expeditionary combat air operations.  TACRON personnel must be ready to effectively perform each of the missions simultaneously while deployed or when required in support of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief. In doing so, we will support the deployment, and the landing of elements of a Marine Landing Force in amphibious operations by fixed wing aircraft, rotary wing aircraft, landing craft,amphibious vehicle, or any combination of these methods.  We must be able to execute this mission under the most demanding conditions including combat. Our readiness is dependent upon preserving personnel and material assets.

Commanding Officer’s Mission Statement

“As the Commanding Officer, I am focused on executing our squadron’s primary mission. To accomplish this, I will remain dedicated to my squadron personnel, keeping your interests in mind, affording all of you the opportunity to succeed. In return, I ask that we remain pro-active vice re-active in our planning and execution, be respectful to one another, and learn from others who have experience.”