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Chaplain's Corner

Welcome to the USS OAK HILL'S Command Religious Ministry Department (CRMD)!

The CRMD provides pastoral care and support to OAK HILL Sailors and family members. This care encompasses the Chaplain Corp's Mission:

  1. Providing religious services and education.
  2. Extending care to all Sailors despite one's personal religious convictions.
  3. Facilitating for Sailors whose faith group is different from the chaplain.
  4. Advising the Commanding Officer on ethical, moral, and spiritual issues within the command.

Currently, LT Yonatan Warren serves as the Command Chaplain on the OAK HILL. He provides General Protestant Worship Services and Religious Education. He also provides counseling sessions to strengthen Sailors. If you need the chaplain for advice, spiritual guidance, or be a sounding board, contact one of the Religious Program Specialists for an appointment.

If you are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, or have another faith group, you might be interested in serving as a lay leader. Lay Leaders serve as representatives of specific Religious Organizations (e.g. Catholic, Jewish, Islam, Wiccan, Buddhism, Christianity, etc.) to accommodate service members that do not have a faith representative to meet their needs. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please see the Command Chaplain.

The CRMD also has a library that contains religious materials such as Bibles, audio Bibles, devotions, and rosary beads. Sailors can also check out non-religious books including Navy Reading books and other genres. While you are in the library, get a free cup of coffee. The CRMD has Keurig cup coffee with a variety of flavors!

-See Weekly Newsletter on Fridays for Opportunities-

  • Protestant Worship Services
  • Devotional
  • Devotional Through E-mail
  • Bible Study
  • In-port Bible Study
  • Community Relations Projects (COMRELS)
  • Lay Leader