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Ship CrestSHIELD: The colors of the field, red, white, and blue, stand for the United States. The saltire recalls the heritage of the South in the history of the Carter Hall, Virginia. The anchor represents the Navy. The tines are in the form of pheons, symbolizing the mission of support to assault operations. The loose rope intertwined with the anchor signifies freedom. The border denotes unity. Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy; red for courage, white for integrity.

CREST: The griffin denotes courage and viligance. The The crown refers to the heritage of CARTER HALL, recalling the Great grandfather of its builder, known as "King" Carter. The battle stars of the first CARTER HALL (LSD 3) are commemorated by the arc of battle, five gold for her service in Vietnam. The motto is underscored by the olive branch for peace and oak for war. Gold is for excellence and red for courage.

SEAL: The arms are emblazoned on a white oval enclosed by a blue collar edge on the outside with a gold rope and bearing the inscription "USS CARTER HALL" at the top and "LSD 50" at the bottom in gold.

MOTTO: "Working for Peace, Ready for War."