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Religious Ministries

As the Chaplain and Religious Programs Specialist (RP) for the ship, we are here to support all Sailors and their family members--of all religious faiths or of none. We make the Commanding Officer's Religious Ministries Program available to all by holding religious services while underway. We train lay leaders, which are Sailors of a variety of faith groups to help with services and Bible studies or to lead services for faiths such as Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, and more. We provide a chapel which is a sacred space for prayer, meditation, study, and services, and we offer supplies such as devotionals and rosary beads.

The Command Religious Ministries Department (CRMD) also staffs the ship's library, providing a relaxing atmosphere in which to read and study. The CRMD also connects Sailors with Community Relations Projects (COMRELS), and is the Navy Community Service Project Coordinator for the Command.

Sailors interested in helping with worship, leading music ministry, becoming lay leaders, volunteering in the library, or volunteering in the community are encouraged to come visit us. We are also a wealth of resources for families in terms of relationships, parenting, marriage preparation, and help guide Sailors and their families to the many local sources of help for any and all family issues that arise.

God bless you and your family as together we embark on a mission to do the work of God and country, preserving our freedoms at home and encouraging freedom and democracy abroad.

--USS ARLINGTON Chaplain Team