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Command Crest

Command CrestShield: Dark blue and gold are the traditional Navy colors and reflect the sea and excellence. Red denotes courage and sacrifice. White is for integrity. The seahorse represents USS BATAAN's natural association with the sea. The red path commemorates the Bataan Death March. The spears form a wedge underscoring amphibious assault and deployment of men and cargo ashore, as well as combat readiness, while highlighting the USS BATAAN's 12 battlestars. Bamboo alludes to the tropics and Pacific Theater where the first USS BATAAN served.

Crest: The wings represent the aviation heritage of the ship. The gold stars are for the seven battle stars earned during the Korean conflict, while the five points of the central star are for World War II Battle stars. The black mount suggests the mountainous terrain of Korea; the sun is adapted from the Seal of the Republic of the Philippines.

Supporters: The swords represent the Navy - Marine Corps Team.

Motto:  "Courage, Commitment, Honor" are the Navy's core values.