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Wasp is composed of many Departments.

The following are brief outlines of each department and their responsibilities:

The mission of the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department is to provide intermediate level maintenance, inspect, test, check, calibrate, lubricate and provide component repair to aircraft and support equipment, enhancing the effectiveness of embarked surface and aviation units. AIMD has the capability to test, repair, service and manufacture a large variety of aircraft and non-aircraft components. The level of this capability ranges from the small, delicate work performed by micro miniature repair technician to complex work performed by jet engine mechanics. In short, AIMDs four divisions are committed to unparalleled support, ensuring Wasp lives up to its reputation as the world's greatest warship.

The Air Department is responsible for the execution of flight operations that support Wasp's primary mission of landing elements of a Marine landing force in amphibious assault operations and is comprised mostly of Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Fuels) and Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Handler) personnel.

Combat Cargo is responsible for the preparation of operation orders, plans, directives, and correspondence in matters pertaining to the embarkation, loading, stowage, unloading, and debarkation of personnel, supplies, equipment and LFORM/cargo from ships under the control of the strike group commander.

The Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Combat and Information department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of command, control and communications systems, sensors, weapons and ship systems in support of amphibious and sea control missions. In essence, the C5I Department is responsible for ensuring the ship can fight and defend itself when called upon to do so.

The mission of the Chaplain Department is to provide and facilitate worship services, bible studies and religious education for Sailors of all faith groups. The Department also provides pastoral counseling to Sailors, visits Sailors in the workspaces throughout the ship and operates the library and multimedia resource center for Sailors and Marines.

Hard working, dedicated, motivated. The department is divided into three divisions and is led by the First Lieutenant and the Ship’s Bos’n. Deck always takes pride in its work. Major evolutions include manning stations during underway replenishment and connected replenishment, well-deck operations featuring Landing Craft Air Cushions, Landing Craft Units, small boat operations as well as playing an important role in mooring and anchoring the ship. Deck Department personnel report to quarters every morning knowing that “it’s a great day to be in deck.”

The Dental Department provides primary dental care and emergency capabilities to the ships crew and embarked troops. Consisting of three treatment rooms, LHD-1 has the most extensive dental support capability of any combatant in the world.

The Engineering Department is composed of the Damage Controlmen, Electrician's Mates, Engineman, Hull Maintenance Technicians, Machinery Repairmen and Machinist Mates. Engineering is responsible for the ship's propulsion plant as well as providing water for the crew and embarked Marines. Engineering also produces all the ship's electricity, maintains and operates the air conditioning and refrigeration plants, and maintains the ship's laundry facilities and galley equipment. Engineering is also responsible for firefighting and damage control efforts on board Wasp.

The Executive Department is responsible for providing administrative support, legal assistance, security, personnel and career counseling, as well as Public Affairs, shipboard television programming and photographic and print shop services.

With six operating rooms, state-of-the-art digital X-ray capabilities, fully functional laboratory, blood bank, 14-bed intensive care unit, 46-bed patient care ward, four battle dressing stations and the best trained medical staff in the fleet, the Medical Department is ready to support any mission Wasp undertakes. Medical maintains a high level of readiness through continual training of medical personnel in their respective areas of expertise, and the training of ship’s company in basic first aid and life-saving techniques. LHD-1 has the most extensive medical support capability of any combatant in the world.

Quartermasters are responsible for safely navigating the ship. They are involved in all aspects of voyage planning and advise the commodore, his staff, and the commanding officer in matters relating from open ocean transits to harbor piloting. The Quartermaster of the Watch stands watch on the bridge and meticulously ascertains the ship’s position using Global Positioning System, radar, celestial, and visual navigation aids. They are the primary assistant to the Officer of the Deck on all matters related to safely navigating the ship.

Operations Department is the purpose of Wasp. Any mission that Wasp undertakes is organized and planned out by the Operations Department. Air Traffic Control, Combat Information Center, Joint Intelligence Center, Cryptological Information and Meteorology are all part of each and every mission performed by Wasp and provided by the Operations Department.

The Safety Department is dedicated to the premise that although Sailors operate in an inherently dangerous environment, they can eliminate or reduce the hazards associated with their work by following established guidelines and safety precautions and ensuring all hands are properly trained. Safety also coordinates interdepartmental safety education, training and General Military Training through the Shipboard Information Training and Entertainment System.

The mission of Supply Department is to provide the ship with the tools and parts necessary to complete any mission. This equipment includes food, fuel, office supplies, repair equipment and many other necessities. Supply Department is the 'oil' that keeps the 'gears' turning on board Wasp.

The Training Department strives to enable Sailors to properly manage, coordinate and monitor professional and personal training in order to increase the overall readiness of Wasp. This is accomplished by ensuring all schools, Personnel Qualification Standard, GMT and command indoctrination requirements are scheduled, completed and documented. Additionally, Training provides counseling and sound advice to assist Sailors in earning or working toward a college degree while ashore or deployed through the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education and the use of a video teletraining system.