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Medical Readiness Division Norfolk

Medical Readiness Division Norfolk
Clinic & GMO Office: (757) 445-5446
Senior Enlisted Leadership: (757) 445-7251
Email Address:
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New STR Guidance 


If you need a SPRINT Team (Mental Health) Please call Duty Cell (757) 449-8596 (24 Hrs.); or (757) 660-3533 (working hours) or email at:

You can also visit the SPRINT Team website for further information

Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire (PARFQ) NAVPERS 6110/3P (Rev. 11-2015)

MRD Norfolk Location Map

Ordering Labs for Physicals

MRD created order sets in CHCS for your physicals (i.e. dome, commissioning, etc.). So in CHCS, after finding the patient, under ACTION: type "NEW", ORDER TYPE: type "SET"; ORDER SET NAME: type "MRD." This will list all order sets available for physicals.

STR Tracking Requirements/Separation History and Physicals Instructions:

Physical Guidance

Physicals must be scheduled through the front desk. Before the appointment can be scheduled all lab and x-ray requirements must be completed and resulted and the physical forms must be filled out by medical to include lab results, PIP results, vital signs, visual acuity, and audiogram. If these requirements are not completed the patient will be sent back to the ship for completion.

For separation physicals you must have the 2697, 2807 and 2808

Filling out the 2808

Fill out all of the front page (including the exam)

  • Blocks 17-43 (Boxes 24, 30, 32, and 41 can be left blank or marked NE if the patient has no symptoms. If symptomatic, please leave blank. These portions of the exam can be completed at MRD.)
  • 45-52 as applicable.
  • 53-54
  • 56-58
  • 71
  • 81a ("type or printed name of examiner or physician")

If you ordered labs or x-rays, please ensure that they are completed AND resulted prior to arrival at MRD. We will then review and sign the box below yours (81b). Please do this or your SM will be referred back to you.

The member must have both medical and dental records in hand. Separation physicals are walk in basis Monday through Thursday 0745-0845.


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