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Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard! Congratulations on your assignment to the crew of the Navy’s Arleigh Burke Class guided missile destroyer, USS BAINBRIDGE (DDG 96). BAINBRIDGE’s homeport is Norfolk, Virginia.

BAINBRIDGE is named for a man who put his duty above himself and shaped both the origins of our nation and our Navy. He was a Sailor, a warrior, and a statesman in the earliest days of our Navy. He served our nation in combat with France, the Barbary pirates, and England. As a frigate captain, commander of USS CONSTITUTION, “Old Ironsides”, he won what was described as the “perfect frigate action” during the War of 1812. During this battle, he destroyed the British frigate JAVA in single ship combat, and in doing so committed the Royal Navy to a policy of not engaging in “frigate duels” with the American Navy. In victory, he was valorous in defeating his foe while in action. Throughout his 35 years as a naval leader, shaping and managing many of the earliest naval expansion programs, he helped lay the foundation of our service. He led via a legacy of “Competence, Dedication, and Discipline.”

We look forward to meeting and working with you as we continue to maintain BAINBRIDGE’s readiness for Sea. Again, congratulations on your assignment and Welcome Aboard!

USS BAINBRIDGE (DDG 96) Contact Information:

QUARTERDECK PHONE Number Inport: (757) 444-3131 Command Sponsor Coordinator:
Command Master Chief Contact Information:
(757) 444-3226 Inport
(757) 443-8700 Underway
Ombudsman: (757)284-8316

If USS BAINBRIDGE (DDG 96) is not in home port, if the ship is not in port, you are directed to report to Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) Norfolk at the following address:

Building J-50
1683 Gilbert Street
Norfolk, VA 23453
(757) 444-1640