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CrestSHIELD: Azure (Dark Blue), a fouled anchor palewise throughout Or surmounted by a ship's wheel Proper garnished on the rim by four bosses of the second bearing an olive wreath Vert enclosing a stylized Congressional Gold medal Proper, all between four mullets, two and two Argent (Silver Gray), all within a bordure of the like charged with thirteen pellets.

CREST: From a wreath Or and Azure (Dark Blue) a bald eagle crouched, wings displayed Proper grasping in its talons two tridents saltirewise of the first.

MOTTO: A scroll Argent edged Azure and doubled Gules inscribed 'COMPETENCE, DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE', of the last.

SUPPORTERS: Crossed behind the shield, two ancient cannon barrels Proper.


SHIELD: The shield represents the protective power of the Aegis Weapons system. The Dark Blue and Gold, colors traditionally associated with the Navy, represent the sea and excellence. The anchor reflects the maritime tradition and achievement. The four silver stars recall the previous ships named in honor of Commodore Bainbridge. The ship's wheel symbolizes navigation. Gold denotes honor. The four bosses, the circular knoblike objects, reflect the warships commanded by Commodore Bainbridge; George Washington, Essex, Philadelphia and Constitution. The Congressional Gold Medal centered on the wheel, represents the award received while commanding the ship Constitution, for it's December 1812 victory against HMS JAVA. This highest honor was awarded for his outstanding heroic service during the battle when the Constitution's ship's wheel was destroyed and he replaced it with the JAVA's wheel. The olive wreath denotes peace and Commodore Bainbridge's diplomatic missions in the Mediterranean. The border indicates distinction and 'battleship gray', is the primary color for the destroyer. Black denotes dignity. Born during the American Revolution, the thirteen pellets allude to the original 13 colonies, including New Jersey, the birthplace of Commodore Bainbridge.

CREST: The bald eagle, the symbol of National defense, power and authority, exemplifies Commodore Bainbridge's patriotism. The crossed tridents signify sea power; also, denoting the ship's modern technology, the AEGIS system and electronic warfare capabilities of the combat weapon system.

SUPPORTERS: The crossed cannon barrels symbolize the past naval weaponry and naval readiness.

SEAL: The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a White field enclosed by a Blue oval border edged on the outside with Gold rope and bearing the name 'USS BAINBRIDGE' at top and 'DDG 96' in base all in Gold.

MOTTO: Red, white and blue are the national colors. The motto embodies the Commodore's spirit and attitude throughout his military service.