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Welcome Aboard

Congratulations on your orders to OSCAR AUSTIN, the first Flight IIA guided missile destroyer (DDG). You are about to join an elite team charged with taking one of the Navy’s finest platforms into harms way. We look forward to your arrival.

OSCAR AUSTIN’s exceptional fighting capability is the product of teamwork between well qualified and highly trained professionals. With that in mind, we will develop a personalized plan to guide you through the myriad of qualifications, courses, and training programs necessary to ensure your success.

This webpage was prepared to assist you and your family with the transition to OSCAR AUSTIN. We hope the information provided will assist you in planning and executing your transition, and we are standing by to answer your questions or otherwise assist you. For more information about the Norfolk area, please visit:

If the ship is not in port, you are directed to report to Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) Norfolk at the following address:

Building J-50
1683 Gilbert Street
Norfolk, VA 23453

USS OSCAR AUSTIN's home port is:   Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia.


Inport Quarterdeck Phone#: (757) 444-1629
CMC's Contact Information:

Inport: (757) 962-7015
At Sea: (757) 443-8268

OSA Sponsor Request

If you have orders to the USS OSCAR AUSTIN please copy the below information into an email and send it to

  • Name
  • Rate
  • Report NLT date
  • # of dependents
  • Mode of travel
  • Taking the next rating exam
  • "C" school attending
  • Email
  • Phone # w/ area code
  • Current mailing address
  • Home mailing address
  • Home phone # w/ area code