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Ship's Crest

Ship's Crest

Shield: Dark blue and gold represent the sea and excellence and are the colors traditionally used by the navy. Red is emblematic of sacrifice and courage. The shield is divided in four recalling the previous USS PORTER's and highlighting the four cardinal compass points and the U.S. Navy’s worldwide mission. The stars commemorate the battle star earned in World War II by the third PORTER and those earned by the fourth PORTER during WWII and the Korean War. The AEGIS shield symbolizes DDG 78’s modern warfare capabilities, and is red to reflect courage and action. The torch, from the Statue of Liberty, suggests the ship’s motto and symbolizes the principles of freedom upon which our country was founded.

Cross: The crossed Naval Officers' swords honor David Porter and his son as well representing the ship's mission to "Train, Fight and win." The laurel, arm, and trident are adapted from the U.S. Naval Academy coat of arms and highlight David Dixon Porter's tenure as superintendent of the Academy. The trident, the symbol of sea power, alludes to the Aegis vertical launch system; its three prongs are a reminder of the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and the Civil War, all of which the Porter served in with distinction.

Motto: "Freedom's Champion."