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Ship CrestDescription/Blazon

Azure, Neptune in a chariot pulled by two seahorses Or issuing from waves of the sea in point Argent, Celeste and of the first.

From a wreath Argent and Azure, a wreath of laurel and palm Vert superimposed by an octagon (Aegis configuration) per quarterly Argent, Gules, Azure and Argent, bearing a cross paty convex Or.

A tripartite scroll Azure doubled and inscribed "COURAGE HONOR SACRIFICE".

A U.S. Navy sword and a SEAL trident saltirewise Proper.

The coat of arms as blazoned in full color upon a white oval enclosed by a dark blue collar edged on the outside with a gold rope and inscribed "USS McFAUL" above and "DDG 74" below in gold.


Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally used by the Navy. Neptune, the God of the Sea, embodies maritime prowess and swift mobilization. The waves suggest a coastline and underscore Chief Petty Officer McFaul's insertion from sea by rubber raiding craft to block General Noriega's escape from Panama.

The cross commemorates the Navy Cross awarded posthumously to Platoon Chief Petty Officer Donald L. McFaul for extraordinary heroism in action under fire, saving his teammate's life. McFaul was mortally wounded by enemy fire. The aegis shape highlights the USS McFAUL's modern multi-mission warfare operations with quick, decisive action. The colors and quarterly division are adapted from the Panamanian flag and represent Operation JUST CAUSE in the Republic of Panama. The four sections also allude to SEAL Team Four, McFaul's SEAL team. The laurel represents achievement and honor; the palm, which is indigenous to tropical regions, alludes to the location of Panama and also symbolizes victory.

The Naval sword represents USS McFAUL and the trident, adapted from the Naval Special Warfare insignia, highlights Chief Petty Officer McFaul's SEAL service.