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Ship Crest


Dark Blue and gold represent sea faring excellence and are traditionally associated with the Navy.

Red, for blood and courage, denotes Sergeant Cole's valor and sacrifice. A trident symbolizes sea prowess and COLE's modern warfare capabilities. The three tines represent submarine, and air warfare capabilities. Three hand grenades commemorate Sergeant Cole's heroic one-man grenade attack against enemy emplacements during the assault on Iwo Jima. A broken chevron alludes to Sergeant Cole's breaking the enemy's hold, enabling his company to attain it's ultimate objective. The grenades also represent the traits courage, valor and honor, commemorating Sergeant Cole's fighting spirit and dedication.


A blue reversed star represents the Medal of Honor posthumously awarded to Sergeant Cole for his self-sacrifice and extraordinary heroism. The crossed navy sword and Marine Mameluke signify cooperation within and the fighting spirit of the Naval Service. A French horn combined with two swords underscores his service with the Marine Corps as a Field Musician and reminds us of his nickname, "The Fighting Field Musician." The laurel wreath is emblematic of honor and high achievement.


"GLORY IS THE REWARD OF VALOR" underscores the spirit of Sergeant Darrell S. Cole, his extraordinary heroism, his unwavering loyalty to his country, and his bravery in facing adversity without fear. "A DETERMINED WARRIOR"