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Coat of Arms

Our Crest


The combined anchor and trident symbolize sea prowess and combat readiness. The life preserver ringing the anchor commemorates Admiral Mitscher’s compassion for his crew as manifested through his relentless determination in tracking down and recovering downed air crews. The three tines of the trident represent the ship’s significant capabilities in strike, air, and subsurface warfare. The trident’s position, rising above the crest, symbolizes the ability to project power over great distances. The gold wings represent Admiral Mitscher’s service and dedication, throughout his career, in advancing naval aviation and developing strike warfare.

Our Shield

Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy and represent the sea and excellence. Red is emblematic of sacrifice and valor. The cross throughout the shield recalls the Navy Cross Admiral Mitscher was awarded for his participation in the first successful transatlantic air passage. The two stars above the cross commemorate his awards of 2nd and 3rd Distinguished Service Medals and his 2nd and 3rd awards of the Navy Cross for meritorious service during operations in the Pacific during World War II. The armored gauntlet represents the strength and survivability of the ship. The lightning bolts symbolize energy and speed and the ability of the ship to conduct multi-mission operations in any dimension. The gauntlet grasping the lightning bolts highlights USS MITSCHER’s motto "SEIZE THE DAY", recalling Admiral Mitscher’s tenacious fighting spirit and dignifying DDG 57’s legacy.