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  • Length: 505 Feet
  • Beam: 66 Feet
  • Draft: 36 Feet
  • Displacement: 8558 Long Tons
  • Height: 153 Feet
  • Speed: 31+ Knots


  • All steel construction, except for raked aluminum tripod mast
  • Reduced radar cross section, caused by sloped exterior bulkheads and smaller deckhouse volume, for stealth
  • Full Collective Protection System (CPS) and Countermeasure Washdown (CMWD) System, enabling continued war-fighting in Chemical, Biological, and Radiological environments
  • Considerable flair and "v" shape hull-form for high speeds in high seas
  • Sprinkling systems in each berthing compartment, ammunition magazine, and perimeters of the Combat Information Center (CIC) and Combat System Equipment Room (CSER).
  • 6 - 1000 gpm, close-coupled, titanium fire pumps
  • Insulated Fire Zone Bulkheads
  • Data Multiplexing System (DMS) - provides redundant communication paths for vital ship systems


  • 4 - LM2500 Gas Turbine Engines (50,000 shaft horsepower per shaft)
  • 2 - High power, resiliently mounted, Main Reduction Gears with separate thrust bearings
  • 2 - 17 ft., outboard turning, Controllable Reversible Pitch Propellers
  • 2 - Rudders
  • 3 – 2500 KW, Allison 501-K34 Ship Service Turbine Generators
  • 4 - 200 Ton A/C units
  • 2 - 12,000 gallons per day, Reverse Osmosis Type Desalination Plants
  • 6 - Fuel Tank Groups providing 450,000 gallons of fuel
  • Plastic, Metal, Glass, and Paper Waste Recycling System

Weapons and Sensors

  • Aegis Combat System: allows for automatic detection, evaluation, and engagement of targets with greater accuracy and firepower than any conventional combat system.
  • SPY-1D Phased Array Radar System: capable of detecting extremely small objects travelling at many times the speed of sound at high and low altitudes.
  • SH-60B SEAHAWK Light Airborne Multipurpose System (LAMPS) Helicopter: provides long range over the horizon (OTH) sensor capability via digital data link.
  • Mk 15 PHALANX Close-in Weapon System (CIWS): automatically detects and engages incoming anti-ship missiles at close range with 4500 rounds per minute.
  • Standard Missile-2 (SM-2): primary missile used for air defense; launched via VLS.
  • Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missiles (TLAM): engages land-based targets at great range with extreme accuracy in coordination with other strike assets; launched via VLS.
  • ASW Suite: consists of hull-mounted sonar, towed array sonar, and LAMPS to localize and engage submarine targets.
  • Anti-submarine Rockets (ASROC): used to engage hostile submarines at long range.
  • Vertical Launch System (VLS): 90 modules (29 forward and 61 aft) capable of firing SM-2, TLAM, and ASROC.
  • Advanced Acoustic Homing Torpedoes: fired from six topside torpedo tubes, VLS, and the SH-60B.
  • 5"/54 cal. Gun: provides gunfire support, as necessary, to Marines and soldiers ashore; engages hostile surface contacts and close range air contacts.
  • Harpoon Anti-ship Cruise Missiles: used for surface warfare engagement.