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Ship Crest

Ship's CrestCREST: The cross suggests the Navy Cross, one of many decorations awarded to Admiral Stout; and exemplifies the strong devotion to God and Country that characterized Admiral Stout's Naval career and now reminds us that no STOUT sailor stands alone. It is inflamed to recall the fierce bombardment of the naval battle in the Solomon Islands. The lion, a symbol of courage, strength and tactical hunting skills, commemorates Rear Admiral Stout and the men and officers who served under his leadership, and to those who now continue that tradition serving in the Guided Missile Destroyer STOUT (DDG 55).

SHIELD: The battle-axe is adapted from the Stout family's coat of arms. Its upright position underscores Stout's massive firepower and high survivability while the double axe head, facing both ways, alludes to the all-encompassing offensive and defensive power of the integrated AEGIS combat system. The star highlights Admiral Stout's many awards, as well as reference to the Silver Star. With resolute courage and daring aggressiveness, Admiral Stout, as Commanding Officer of the destroyer USS CLAXTON, aided his task force in sinking five heavily armed, enemy warships to establish our beachhead on Bougainvillea Island. This Naval battle is symbolized by the wedge piercing the field of the shield; the wedge representing Admiral Stout and United States Naval force disabling and destroying a surface force of superior fire power, signified by the field.