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Ship Characteristics
  • Dimensions:
    153.8m x 20.4m x 9.3m

  • Guns:
    Mk45 127mm .54
    (2) MK15 Block 1 Phalanx Gatling 20mm Gun

  • Missiles:
    (2) MK41 Vertical Launching Systems (MOD 0 forward, MOD 1 Aft) with 29 cells forward and 61 aft to house
    SM-2 SAMs, Tomahawk and ASROC.
    (2) MK141 quadruple launchers for RGM-84 Harpoon

  • ASW:
    (2) MK32 triple 324mm torpedo tubes for MK46 of MK50 ASW torpedos

  • Electronics:
    SPY-1D, SPS-67, SPS-64 radars
    (3) SPG-62 directors for SAMs used with AEGIS FC system
    MK160 MOD4 gunfire control system including optronic backup
    SQQ-89(V)6 sonar incorporating SQS-53C hull mounted and SQR-19 towed array sonars used with MK116 MOD7 ASW fire control system.

  • Propulsion:
    (4) GE LM 2500-30 Gas Turbines giving 100,000 hp to two shafts

  • Speed:
    30+ Knots

  • Crew:

  • Aircraft:
    Helicopter Platform