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About Us

About Us

crestThe USS Truxtun (DDG 103) is a part of The Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyers. Arleigh Burke is one of the destroyer classes of the United States Navy and is built around the Aegis combat system and the SPY-1D multi-function phased array radar. The Arleigh Burke class ships are the U.S. Navy's only active destroyers and are among the largest and most powerful destroyers ever built, both larger and more heavily armed than many previous cruisers.

The symbolism of the blazon above is as follows:

The Shield in colors of dark blue, white, and gold are traditionally used by the US Navy and recal the sean and excellence. Red is emblematic of courage and sacrifice. The vertical white bar alludes to the Vertical Launch System strike warfare capability of the present ship. The trident, symbol of the sea prowess, represents DDG 103's multi mission offensive and defensive capabilities with its three times signifying AAW, ASW, & ASUW. The three modern missles in chief (ASROC, Tomahawk, and Standard) also give emphases to the precision fire, modern weaponry of DDG 103 in the air, sea, and strike arenas.

The Crest containing the silhouette of the USS Constellation recalls Commodore Thomas Truxtun being assigned to that ship in the early naval history of our country. He was one of our nation's premier sea fighters of that time. The stars commemorate the heritage of the five previous ships named Truxtun. The Aegis shield and anchor combined with the USS Constellation highlight the old and new US Navy warships and their long and proud history.

The Motto is derived from the golden medal presented to Captain Thomas Truxtun in March of 1800 by the President. The medal is emblematical of the action between the US frigate Constellation, of thirty-eight guns, and the French ship of war La Vengeance, of fifty-four guns; in testimony of the high sense entertained by Congress of his gallantry and good conduct in the above engagement, wherein an example was exhibited by the captain, officers, sailors, and marines, honorable to the American name, and instructive to its rising navy. The medal is struck with the passage "U.S. Frigate Constellation of 38 guns Pursues, Attacks, & Vanquishes the French ship La Vengeance of 54 guns, Feb 1800.

The Supporters, the crossed sword and cutlass highlight teamwork and cooperation.

“Good discipline is considered by all who know anything of service as the vital part of a ship at war.”
-Captain Thomas Truxtun