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The mission of HUÉ CITY is to conduct prompt, sustained combat operations at sea in support of a carrier battle group or amphibious assault group. HUÉ CITY has been designed to defend against coordinated saturation attacks involving enemy surface ships, submarines, aircraft, and missiles. Additionally, HUÉ CITY is able to engage in offensive actions against the enemy through employment of long range anti-shipping missiles, land attack missiles, and naval gunfire.

At the heart of HUÉ CITY is the Aegis Weapon System, the most advanced integration of electronic detection, engagement, and control equipment in the world today. The Aegis Weapon System, combined with the Vertical Launching System and the SPY radar, allows HUÉ CITY to fire more missiles and guide them in flight with greater accuracy than any existing system.

The potency of the Aegis Weapon System was increased in 1998 by the addition of Cooperative Engagement Capability. CEC brings revolutionary new capability to air defense, not by adding new radars or weapon systems, but by distributing sensor and weapons data from existing systems in a new and significantly different manner. With CEC, data from each unit is distributed to all other units, filtered, and combined using identical algorithms into a single common air picture. Thus, CEC enables the Vertical Launching System to be wielded against an enemy target tracked by HUÉ CITY or any other CEC unit.

The Vertical Launching System is capable of firing a mix of missiles against airborne and surface threats. These missiles include the Standard surface-to-air missile and the Tomahawk surface-to-surface missile. The SPY-1B phased array radar sends out beams of electromagnetic energy in all directions continuously to provide a search and tracking capability for hundreds of targets out to and beyond 200 miles. Two 5" gun mounts, Phalanx rapid fire guns, and the Harpoon anti-ship missile supplement the firepower supplied by the Vertical Launching System.

HUÉ CITY also has the most advanced underwater surveillance system available. Anti-submarine warfare equipment consists of a hull-mounted sonar, an acoustic towed array, and two SH-60B Seahawk helicopters to provide long range detection and attack capability. Four powerful, quick-response gas turbine engines give HUÉ CITY the ability to reach speeds in excess of 30 knots. This propulsion system is an integral part of HUÉ CITY – one of the fleet’s finest Aegis cruisers.