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CrestSHIELD:  The shield's dark blue and gold are traditional Navy colors; red is emblematic of courage and sacrifice. The trident represents past and present and symbolizes sea power and the vertical launch system of USS Hue City. The tines of the trident represent the modern AEGIS cruiser capabilities of anti-air, land, and surface warfare, while the bottom spike denotes the ship’s undersea warfare capabilities. The crossed swords form a saltire with the upper and lower quadrants depicting the two Vietnams. The point where they cross illustrates the location and strategic importance of the battle for Hue. The smaller shield at center commemorates the U.S. Marines’ victory and the raising of the U.S. flag upon capturing the provincial headquarters in Hue. The crossed Navy cutlass and Marine mameluke sword also express strength through teamwork and cooperation, and are combined with a palm wreath symbolizing the battle and victory.

The crest's fortress recalls the citadel at Hue, which the U.S. Marines fought so valiantly to capture. The oriental dragon symbolizes both the fierceness of the siege and the fighting spirit of the crew of Hue City.

"Fidelity, Courage, Honor" represent the finest qualities of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps: faithfulness to one’s comrades and the values of the United States, the moral fortitude to overcome fear in the face of battle, and the integrity to conduct oneself with dignity and respect at all times.