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Crest: Pictured is General Zachary Taylor in his typical battle pose, leg slung over the saddle atop his famous white stallion "Old Whitie," before the heavily defended Independence Hill, the turning point in the Battle of Monterey. In the background, Black Fort, another massive stone work protecting the city.

Shield: The central shield represents AEGIS. the impenetrable defensive shield of the greek god "Zeus." Over this appears the Surface Warfare Logo, symbolizing the three dimensional (Air, Surface, and Subsurface) threat. The AEGIS elongated octagon covers this symbol. This octagon is familiar to all who view the modern warship's sophisticated radar array. Centered on the octagon, a dark blue anchor characterizing seapower, strength, and Navy tradition. The gold star depicts battle stars earned by the aircraft carrier previously named Monterey. The principle colors, red and gold, establish bravery and excellence as traits honored aboard CG-61.

Motto: "ROUGH IN BATTLE AND READY IN PEACE" comes from the nickname of Zachary Taylor "Old Rough and Ready," which he earned in battle against the Seminoles in Florida, and later used as a campaign slogan for his election to the office of President of the United States.


The coat of arms is emblazoned upon a white oval enclosed by a blue collar edged on the outside with gold rope and inscribed with the words USS MONTEREY above and CG61 below in gold letters.