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CrestThe shield's dark blue and white symbolize the sea. Gold embodies excellence and the color red implies action and battle. The two stars honor the past (CV 47) and present (CG 58) ships named for the Battle of the Philippine Sea. The vertical red bar and up right position of the trident, symbol of sea power, stand for the Vertical Launching System (VLS) of CG 58. The striking power of the ship and its Aegis Weapon System are symbolized by the trident's three prongs which stand for air, surface, and sub-surface warfare capabilities. The stylized sun in the base is taken from the Philippine flag and reflects the location of the World War II battle.

The World War II American victory at the Battle of the Philippine Sea is remembered as the "Marianas Turkey Shoot." Over eighty percent of enemy forces were destroyed at little cost to friendly forces. The rays allude to this heavy air fire and the World War II Japanese naval ensign. The crest's anchor and wings, together with the nine rays, commemorate the Battle of the Philippine Sea and CV 47.