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Destroyer Squadron 28 (DESRON 28) was first established on 15 August 1951. Although located in San Diego, the squadron was a component of the Atlantic Fleet. DESRON 28 originally consisted of eight general purpose rescue destroyers whose missions included anti-submarine warfare, shore bombardment, air defense and routine training. DESRON 28 operated until 1954 when the ships were reassigned and the squadron was disestablished.

Reorganization of the Navy in support of the Korean War brought DESRON 28 into service again. On 1 July 1956, Escort Destroyer Squadron TWO was redesignated as DESRON 28. The command consisted of Escort Destroyers (DDEs), with Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) as their specialty. DESRON 28 continued as a special ASW squadron in support of the Atlantic Fleet ASW effort until disestablished in the early 1960’s. On 1 December 1971, DESRON 28 was re-established at the Naval Base, Newport, RI. The primary mission was training of Naval Reservists.

DESRON 28 was re-established on 1 September 1995, during the most recent reorganization of the Atlantic Fleet surface force. The mission of DESRON 28 is to provide a fully trained, combat ready force of surface combatants to the Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Administratively, COMDESRON 28 reports directly to Commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic; operationally, COMDESRON 28 reports to the Commander, Carrier Strike Group Eight.