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Our Mission

Our Mission

Command's Crest

The missions of the Destroyer Squadron TWO SIX (DESRON 26) is to conduct underway operations and exercise tactical control of destroyers, frigates, submarines, and aircraft during peace and war time operations.

When deployed as part of a Carrier Strike Group (CSG), Commander, DESRON 26 serves as a major Warfare Commander, planning operations and commanding Strike Group assets. Typical assignments are Alternate Composite Warfare Commander (CWC) and Sea Combat Commander (SCC). The SCC is responsible for performing numerous roles within the Strike Group, including Undersea Warfare Commander, Surface Warfare Commander, Submarine Operations Coordinating Authority, Maritime Interception Operations Commander and Screen Coordinator. During underway operations separate from the Carrier, the Commander, DESRON 26 may serve as a Joint or naval Task Group Commander.

Squadron duties also include the stewardship and oversight of training, material readiness, maintenance, and the personnel of the assigned ships. Whether deployed or in homeport ( Norfolk, VA ), DESRON 26 reports operationally to Commander Carrier Strike Group Ten.