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Crest & Motto

Command Crest

Established in 1919

The command insignia is a round heraldic design with a white background. On the white field is the abbreviated title for Destroyer Squadron “DESRON” with the number “2” identifying the specific squadron. Superimposed over the number “2” is the image of a Greyhound which signifies fast and powerful, with sleek lines of a class of ship nicknamed the “Greyhounds of the Sea.” Traditionally, destroyers have become known as the multi-mission, fast- moving ships and “workhorses” of the surface navy; this is a great source of pride for every destroyerman who has ever served aboard a Greyhound. The entire design is encircled by a band of gold with navy blue trim. Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy, representing the sea, excellence and honor. The lower portion is formed into a scroll with the inscription in block letters:

“Second to None”

Since 1919, Destroyer Squadron 2 has operated in numerous theaters with a continually changing mix of ships and missions. Throughout this period the men, women and ships of the Squadron have earned a distinguished reputation of professionalism and dedication, “Second To None”. “Second To None,” the motto of today’s Norfolk-based “Premier Squadron,” is also an apt description of the record of perhaps the most active and valiant destroyer squadron in the Navy’s history.


Today’s mission of Destroyer Squadron 2 is to conduct at-sea operations and exercise administrative and tactical control of destroyers, frigates, submarines, and aircraft during peace and war time operations.

When deployed as part of a Carrier Strike Group, Commander, Destroyer Squadron 2 reports operationally to the Carrier Strike Group Commander. Commander, Destroyer Squadron 2 serves as a major Warfare Commander, planning operations and commanding Strike Group assets as the Sea Combat Commander (SCC). The Sea Combat Commander is responsible for performing numerous roles within the Strike Group, including Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Mine Warfare, Maritime Security Operations, Replenishment at Sea Coordinator and Screen Coordinator. During underway operations separate from the Carrier Strike Group, the Commander, Destroyer Squadron 2 may serve as a Joint or Naval Task Group Commander.

Squadron duties also include the stewardship and oversight of training, material readiness, maintenance, and the personnel of the assigned ships. Whether deployed or in homeport (Norfolk, VA ), Destroyer Squadron 2 reports administratively to Commander, Naval Surface Forces Atlantic.