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Mission Statement

The UWDC, under the direction of Commander,
Submarine Force Atlantic (COMSUBLANT), integrates undersea
concept of operations (CONOPS) and tactics, techniques and
procedures (TTP) in support of theater level command and control
of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) forces; prepares submarine crews
to conduct assigned advanced missions and all combat missions;
and prepares carrier strike groups (CSG) and independently
deploying surface ships to perform integrated ASW. UWDC in
concert with Naval Warfare Development Center (NWDC) develops,
validates, publishes and revises TTP for submarine and undersea
warfare to include the Integrated Undersea Surveillance Systems
(IUSS) and integrated ASW; provides training, performance
assessments and operational support in Theater ASW to the
numbered fleet commanders; provides training and performance
assessments of CSG integrated ASW; and serves as the principal
advisor to the Submarine Force Commanders and forward Task Force
Commanders on areas pertaining to Undersea Warfare. UWDC
supports COMSUBLANT in the assessment of Theater and Strike
Group Tactical ASW. The UWDC shall develop and execute a
coherent tactical development program to further develop and
validate undersea warfare tactical procedures, advance undersea
vehicle concepts and identify undersea tactical systems
capability gaps.