Undersea Warriors,

Greetings from Norfolk! This edition of UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine is truly special to me as it is not only my first Force Commander’s Corner, but also because its theme, warfighting, is so important to me. Lisa and I are honored to have been given this responsibility, and we look forward to the rewards and challenges of serving as your Force Commander.

Since I relieved Vice Adm. Tofalo in August, I’ve had the opportunity to visit and speak to Sailors in Norfolk, King’s Bay, and Groton, as well as get some underway time on USS Washington (SSN 787). I must say that I have been impressed with the technical expertise, professionalism, and character of every Sailor I’ve encountered. It’s truly our Sailors that make us the finest Submarine Force in the world.

If you haven’t done so recently, I’d like you to read through our updated Commander’s Intent at https://www.public.navy.mil/subfor/hq/Documents/Commanders Intent March 2018.pdf and focus on the letter on page 12, Commander’s Guidance to All Members of the Submarine Force and Supporting Organizations. That letter really gets to the heart of what it means to be a Submariner and a member of our organization. Then, as you read this issue of UNDERSEA WARFARE, I want you to think about your role in warfighting within the greater undersea enterprise. We exist in a world of great-power competition, and understanding what is expected of us is fundamental to our ability to properly respond should we be required to react to a crisis.

In this issue you’ll read about historical innovations that have increased submarine lethality, how technological and tactical developments are increasing our warfighting capability, and the characteristics common to successful submarine commanders in combat. We must provide our leaders with credible options to protect America from attack, to advance our prosperity, further our strategic interests, reassure our allies and partners, and deter our adversaries. These rest on the ability of the Navy and our Submarine Force to win decisively if conflict breaks out. To that end, we must instill a warfighting culture in everything that we do.

Prepare for battle.

Our nation needs you.


C.A. Richard