10th Annual Photo Contest Winners

Each year, UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine collects dozens of photos from the fleet to highlight the unique and diverse community of the Submarine Force. The array of submarining captured in this 10th Annual Photo Contest covers the spectrum from USS Greeneville (SSN-772) arriving in Kittery, Maine to undergo one of the most aggressive depot modernization periods ever attempted to the breath-taking sunset view from the fair water planes of USS Maryland (SSBN-738) while on patrol. This year’s contest also highlights a significant milestone for the new Virginia-class—the arrival of USS North Carolina (SSN-777) in Wilmington, N.C. for her commissioning. Another entry captures the Submarine Force Memorial in Connecticut, honoring the service of the Sailors that built the Submarine Force we have today.

The winners of the Annual Photo Contest, co-sponsored each year by the Naval Submarine League (NSL), will be honored at the annual NSL Symposium held in late October. The winners were also awarded cash prizes up to $500! And as an added bonus, the photos are featured in this issue of UNDERSEA WARFARE Magazine.

A sincere thank you goes out to all those who submitted photos for this year’s contest. The pictures shown here include both our winning entries and others that were considered as some of the best we received.

photo of 1st place winner, caption follows

Demonstrating Pacific Fleet Aloha Fighting Spirit (Green and White Lei), USS Greeneville (SSN-772) arrives in Kittery, Maine for one of the most aggressive Depot Modernization Periods ever attempted.




photo of 2nd place winner, caption follows

USS North Carolina (SSN-777) in Wilmington, N.C.,
at sunset just before colors.




photo of 3rd place winner, caption follows

Crewmembers of USS Maryland (SSBN-738)(B) take in the sunset while on patrol.


photo of honorable mention, caption follows

Naval Submarine School student Seaman Apprentice Andrew Rollins, at the Submarine Veterans Memorial, Groton, Conn.
before the 2008 Memorial Day observances.




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