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On The Back

“Clear of Action” by Georges Schreiber. In this official U.S. Navy painting, the gun crew of a Word War II Gato-class submarine prepares for a surface engagement, perhaps with an enemy merchant ship. While lookouts scan the skies for signs of enemy aircraft, the gun crew commences firing. Whenever possible, U.S. submarines sank merchant targets with gunfire to preserve their limited torpedo load-out for more urgent needs. High seas – a constant peril on the narrow, slippery deck – add their own menace to the scene.

Schreiber, born in Brussels in 1904, began painting and drawing at an early age and went on to study art formally in Berlin, London, Rome, Paris, and Florence. He came to the New York in 1928 and stayed for nine months and settled there permanently in 1933. In 1943 Schreiber produced several submarine themed works for the Abbot Collection of Submarine Paintings, collaborating with Thomas Hart Benton.

Sailors First
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EM2 Wayne Tyler talks with Carolina Panthers wide receiver Keary Colbert during the Panthers football game against the Oakland Raiders in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tyler and other Sailors assigned to PCU North Carolina (SSN-777) represented the Navy during a Veteran’s Day tribute at halftime.
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On The Cover

MA2 David Wampler, assigned to Mobile Security Detachment 22 (MSD-22), provides security for USS Portsmouth (SSN-707) as she transits through the Panama Canal. Portsmouth, a Los Angeles-class submarine, and her crew are on a final cruise to their new homeport of Norfolk, Va. where the ship is scheduled for decommissioning in October of 2005.

Photo by PH1 David A. Levy

Cover of Undersea Warfare Magazine Winter 2005