Submarine Force Facts 

The submarine community is a small force which delivers a major impact and provides unique capabilities to operational commanders.  As the maritime security environment has evolved into an asymmetrical warfighting scenario, we now face new weapons systems that can threaten our joint forces at over-the-horizon ranges.  These long range challenges underscore the demands on the submarine force to meet their growing and increasing scopes of responsibilities.

World War II submarine operations paved the way for most of today’s submarine missions. Today’s submarine force is the most capable force in the world and the history of U.S. Navy, comprising 53 fast attack submarines, 14 ballistic-missile submarines and four guided-missile submarines.  Our existing fleet of ballistic submarines currently carries 54 percent of our nation’s nuclear deterrent arsenal, and their replacements will carry an even greater percentage of strategic warheads.

For more information on our submarines, equipment and weapons systems, please check out the Navy Fact Files at the links below:



Attack Submarines - SSN

Submarine Tenders - AS


Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines - SSBN

Tomahawk Cruise Missile


Guided Missile Submarines - SSGN

Trident Fleet Ballistic Missile