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The mission of Naval Ocean Processing Facility (NOPF) Whidbey Island is to provide timely and accurate acoustic cueing to operating and supporting forces, and conduct continuous maritime surveillance for Homeland Security.

NOPF is divided into two major divisions that operate in the same facility- The shore side and the sea side (Sea Component West). The sea side consists of STG's that rotate out to the five SURTASS ships that operate under NOPF. The shore side has various rates that all support the operations watch floor in completing it's mission. The command's shore side UIC is 68844 and the sea side is 48594.

NOPF has approximately 325 enlisted personnel, 25 officers, a detachment of 30 Canadian forces personnel and 15 civilians.

This is an excellent duty station which is located right off the water and near a beautiful cliff-side park. The parking is readily available and the building is the nicest on base.