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Naval Facility Ramey
September 1954 - April 1976


The birth of the Oceanographic System began in 1953 as construction of Naval Facility Ramey commenced. It was built below the cliff of an Army Air Field built in 1939 at the end of the island of Puerto Rico. The base was named Ramey in 1949 in honor of Brigadier General Howard K. Ramey. Commissioned on 18 September 1954, this first Naval Facility began the task of implementing a new concept in the defense of our nation. Forty-five years have passed since NAVFAC Ramey met that challenge with innovation and achievement, setting the high standards of performance still the hallmark today. With the closing of USAF Base Ramey on 1 January 1974, NAVFAC personnel, in concert with WEST ANNEX became Naval Facility Punta Borinquen. NAVFAC Punta Borinquen was decommissioned 30 April 1976. After twenty-two years of dedicated service, the visions and accomplishments of this small, isolated Naval Station still live today with all those in the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System.

NAVFAC Adak Building