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Naval Facility Eleuthera
September 1957 - March 1980


Naval Facility Eleuthera, Bahamas was commissioned on 1 September 1957, with a compliment of 150 officers and enlisted men. Approximately twenty Pan-American Airway, RCA and Western Electric personnel and 45 Bohemian employees also supported the base. Eleuthera made history June 30, 1970; it was the first facility to employ women in oceanographic research. As for recreation, Eleuthera is surrounded by warm, crystal clear water filled with fresh fish, making water sports a most popular pursuit. Other entertainment included golfing, spelunking, beach combing, nightly movies, and the “Carib Club.” NAVFAC Eleuthera was decommissioned 31 March 1980 after 23 years of dedicated service.

NAVFAC Adak Building