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Naval Facility Brawdy
April 1974 - October 1995


Naval Facility Brawdy, Wales was commissioned 05 April 1974. A thriving major facility within the IUSS, the positive effects of continued growth were evident in every arena: Operations Technology, Communications, Construction, Security, Manpower, Community Outreach Programs, Administration, Supply and Retention. Welsh roads leading to NAVFAC Brawdy may well have been narrow and winding, but those that led from the station were wide open and ever expanding. Twenty-one years of coordination and cooperation afforded Brawdy a proud place within the legacy of IUSS. The facility enjoyed a close working relationship with the armed forces of the United Kingdom. The 400 U. S. and UK sailors, civilians and officers of NAVFAC Brawdy served with dedication and pride in this land of stormy beauty, castles and dragons, until it was remoted to Joint Maritime Facility St. Mawgan and deactivated on 1 October 1995. “Cheers!”

NAVFAC Adak Building