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Naval Facility Barbados
October 1957 - March 1979


Naval Facility Barbados was commissioned 1 October 1957. It was a small facility with a compliment of twelve officers and eighty-eight enlisted personnel. Barbados is an island located in the easternmost part of the West Indies, approximately 600 miles southwest of Puerto Rico. The island is twenty-one miles long and fourteen miles wide. English is the formal language, however the local people speak with a “Bajan” accent which is quite unique and charming. The pleasures of the island are similar to those of most Caribbean islands. Sea, on all sides, is available for all water sports; and in the evening, dancing is the national pastime. Steel bands often play calypso music and “flaming limbo” is an interesting dance often seen. NAVFAC Barbados operated for twenty-two years and was decommissioned on 31 March 1979.

NAVFAC Adak Building