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Commander, Oceanographic System Pacific (COSP)
September 1964 - August 1994


On 1 September 1964, Commander, Oceanographic System Pacific (COSP) was commissioned as a third echelon command which would report operationally to Commander ASW Force Pacific (CTF 12) and administratively to Commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet. COSP was to serve as the principle advisor to CTF 12 on IUSS issues, as well as initial coordination, designation and reporting of all PAC IUSS data. The acoustic data was collected and analyzed by the personnel of the PAC IUSS Naval Facilities, and relayed to other operating forces and agencies. In October 1991, as a result of the declassification of the IUSS mission, COSP became Commander, Undersea Surveillance, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CUSP). During its history, CUSP earned five Meritorious Unit Commendations (1967, 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1985). COMUNDERSEASURVPAC was decommissioned 15 August 1994.

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