Submarine Group 10 delivers combat ready forces in support of Combatant Commander mission requirements.
To accomplish this…
Submarine Group 10 leads and synchronizes efforts throughout “Team Kings Bay,” comprised of our subordinates (Submarine Squadrons 16 and 20 , Naval Submarine Support Center and Trident Refit Facility) and supporting (Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Trident Training Facility, Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic, Marine Corps Security Force Battalion and the Maritime Force Protection Unit) commands.

Our efforts ensure our submarines are properly manned, trained, equipped and certified to conduct decisive combat operations around the world. Submarine Group 10 serves as the deployment certifying Command for SSBNs and recommends certification of SSGNs in the Atlantic Fleet. Our crews must be combat ready when called upon and “Team Kings Bay” provides the necessary assistance to each command to achieve this level of readiness.

To ensure our warfighting success, "Team Kings Bay" must communicate effectively and actively engage to remove barriers with impact our Sailors' ability to accomplish the mission.
Priority Lines of Effort
Support long term OPORD Global Citadel (OGC) requirement:
Manage the OHIO-class SSBN Sustainment Program while preparing Kings Bay for arrival of the COLUMBIA-class SSBN.
Communicate Effectively:
Improve communications throughout “Team Kings Bay” to ensure our subordinate and supporting commands maintain a shared understanding.
Remove Barriers:
Establish a process to identify and remove barriers that degrade our combat mission effectiveness.

Expertly Certify:
Improve our oversight of SSBN certifications, SSGN certifications and pilot/tug crew operations.

Continue to develop Group 10 staff personally and professionally. Emphasize professional behavior throughout “Team Kings Bay.”
Combat Ready to Preserve the Peace!