SSC Pacific's FIAR Team Honored for Outstanding Achievements in Financial


Pictured left to right) Terrie Milne, FIAR Team Lead Christine Esparza, and Mary Jo Follett following the ASN FM&C 2017 Awards ceremony at the Pentagon, Aug. 28, 2018. 

The Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Financial Management and Comptroller (ASN FM&C) recognized SSC Pacific employees with a Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Team Award during a Pentagon ceremony, Aug. 28, for their significant contributions in financial management during fiscal year 2017.

The SSC Pacific FIAR Team was selected for team achievement in Audit Improvement, Echelon III and below. Team members include Christine Esparza, team lead, Jin Li, Terrie Milne and Barry James. 

The ASM FM&C award recognizes civilian and enlisted Navy personnel for their outstanding achievements in financial management endeavors in the areas of budget formulation, budget execution, accounting, systems, financial policy and audit improvement. 

"These awards recognize the remarkable work of SPAWAR's financial management team and their dedication to supporting our mission of rapidly delivering cyber warfighting capabilities from seabed to space," said Rear Adm. Christian Becker, SPAWAR commander. "Their forward thinking allows us to efficiently and effectively deliver innovative technologies at the ever increasing speed of information."

SSC Pacific's FIAR Team was commended for its commitment to improve and sustain financial operations as the Navy prepares for the fiscal year 18 financial statement audit. 

The team's efforts were noted in the award citation.

The SSC Pacific FIAR Team effort has led to the Command improving financial processes and strengthening internal controls. Through continuous control monitoring, the SSC Pacific FIAR Team has created a culture of self-testing and reporting which resulted in the identification of various deficiencies and implementation of corrective action plans leading to financial improvement.

In 2017, the SSC Pacific Comptroller Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)/Desk Guides were revised and aligned with control points and metrics were established. Another improvement implemented was the centralization of the Delegation of Authorityprocess for the Finance Competency. Before employees are provided access to various Navy ERP roles, job functions are verified with supervisors to ensure appropriate DOAs are in place and sufficient training has occurred. Quarterly DOA reviews are performed to ensure the DOAs on file are still required. 

The Command also implemented online tools for time attestation, overtime, compensatory time, telework, and leave requests to ensure key supporting documents are maintained in a centralized location. Other financial improvements include implementing a process for MILSTRIP 1301 reviews, approving bulk fuel purchases, and reconciling payments for Transportation of Things. 

The SSC Pacific internal control evaluation program provides the basis for the command to evaluate the Internal Control of Financial Reporting  as part the Manager's Internal Control Program as required by the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act of 1982. The success of the internal control evaluation program has moved SSC Pacific toward a culture of sound financial stewardship, command wide ownership of requirements, and continuous process improvement through awareness and education of financial control requirements."​

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