PEO EIS Small Business

PEO EIS Small Business Center provides the tools and guidance small businesses need to maximize contracting opportunities.

PEO EIS Deputy Program Managers serve as Small Business (SB) Advocates equipped to:

  • Identify opportunities within their programs for SB participation
  • Serve as a technical Point of Contact for SB interested in pursuing these opportunities
  • Manage SB Innovative Research (SBIR) and SB Technology Transfer (STTR) within their cognizance


Meet Your Small Business Advocates:

Naval Enterprise Networks
CAPT Steven Werner, DPM, PMW 205

Naval Enterprise Business Solutions

Mr. Patrick Truver, DPM, PMW 220

CAPT Seven Werner, DPM, PMW 205        

PMW 205 manages the Department of the Navy's (DON)enterprise wide Information Technology   (IT) networks, CONUS and OCONUS. NEN manages the NGEN contract to provide IT services.

   Mr. Patrick Truver, DPM, PMW 220

PMW 220 develops and sustains IT business solutions that enable leadership to effectively obtain, allocate, and utilize resources to complete the mission. 


Global Combat Support Systems, Marine Corps

Mr. Robert Cross, DPM,  PMW 230


Sea Warrior Program

Ms. Julianne LeFevre, DPM,  PMW 240

Mr. Robert Cross, Global Combat Support Systems, Marine Corps DPM  

GCSS-MC develops and sustains a business capability that enables decisions about how Marine Corps resources are obtained, allocated, and utilized.

  Ms. Julianne LeFevre, Sea Warrior Program DPM

PMW 240 enables the Navy’s business by developing systems and initiatives to support employee management and enterprise business services. Systems and initiatives include portals, learning management, and mobile apps.

Data Consolidation and Application Optimization

CDR James Fabiszak, Deputy Dir., DCAO

Enterprise Software Licensing

Ms. Christine Lamer, Deputy Team Lead, PMM 172

CDR James Fabiszak, Data Consolidation and Application Optimization Dep. Dir. 


DCAO is the Navy's lead for Enterprise Data Center Consolidations and is responsible for modernizing, virtualizing and migrating the Navy's Legacy application portfolios, as well as identifying and transitioning Navy systems to authorized and certified Cloud Service Providers.

Ms. Christine Lamer, Enterprise Software Licensing PMM PMM 172 leverages the combined buying power of the Navy and Marine Corps to improve the DON’s IT/cyberspace investment decision practices as well as enterprise-level evaluation, funding, management and tracking of current and future requirements for all enterprise-designated software vendors and products.


Navy Maritime Maintenance Enterprise Solution Technical Refresh

     CAPT John Szatkowski, DPM, PMS 444 

CAPT John Szatkowski, DPM, PMS 444

  PMS44 acquires, delivers, and deploys modern IT systems and applications to replace the current maritime shore maintenance solution which has reached end-of-life.

Doing Business with PEO EIS

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SPAWAR Small Business Resources

SPAWAR Small Business Program is a dynamic advocacy that provides training, advice and guidance to ensure quality solutions for Navy and Marine Corps acquisitions and maximizes contracting opportunities to small businesses.

SPAWAR Acquisition Forecast - SPAWAR has posted an updated three-year acquisition forecast to its public web portal entitled "SPAWAR 3 Year Acquisition Forecast" . This forecast includes opportunities for SPAWAR Headquarters, SPAWAR System Centers Atlantic and Pacific.



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